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How to choose a bass guiter case supplier?

49 Published by admin 03 31,2021

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When it comes to high-quality leather products, few names are as well known (in both the music and hunting worlds) as real Leathers. At first glance, guitar supplier looks like a no-frills, well made gig bag perfect for those gigs when you don’t need to bring a lot of extra stuff. The one we looked at was for a versions for basses, but they also make standard electric guitar, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, banjos, and three types of ukuleles.

bass guiter case supplier

This bass guiter case supplier comes with pockets and buckle-style straps

The outside of the bag is covered in leather trim with pockets–on the headstock . Bass guiter case supplier with the zippered pouch is perfect for holding your cell phone and keys during the gig while the bottom pouch is held closed with two belt buckle-style straps. You can easily fit a few cables and maybe a pedal in the bottom pouch, but any more than that and you might need to bring an extra bag.

bass guiter case supplier

This bass guiter case supplier comes with Plush inner lining and 1″ foam

We have all had gig bags where the area inside near the tuning pegs and bridge gets torn up. DDHBA solved this by putting a leather patch over the suspect areas to keep the inside padding inner lining with 1″ foam
from fraying. The one downer about paddad is that the shoulder straps, although very durable, weren’t padded. This was surprising considering the cost and the obvious commitment to quality puts on materials and construction. For lighter guitars this might not be a huge deal, but if you need to bring a Les Paul to a gig, you might want to try bass guitar case supplier out first before shelling out the cash.

bass guiter case supplier bass guiter case supplier


This bass guiter case supplier comes with ergonomic cushioned harness straps

Inside, Bass guitar case supplier about an inch of foam along with an adjustable neck support to keep things in line. I threw in a Les Paul and the depth of the gig bag handled the angled headstock without any issues or concerns. Bass guitar case supplier with the big bonus was how comfortable the backpack straps are. They are wide and very well padded which made the Les Paul much easier to carry. Also, it’s great to stow them away in the zippered pouch when not in use. Overall, the Commander is a great gig bag with plenty of features for a good price.

bass guiter case supplier

There are more details and other questions you want to know, you can find me to consult, we also provide OEM and ODM services! We are a bass guiter case supplier which worked with over 1250 brand companies, you could trust us, we can help you!

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