How to keep your laptop in tiptop shape?

535 Published by admin 06 26,2018

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Nearly 90% of college students own laptops. They are a big investment for anyone, but most college students do not have the extra funds sitting around to replace them when they break down.A few simple techniques can keep your laptop running for the whole length of your college career.


Always run your laptop on a smooth, hard surface

Though the name suggests otherwise, never set your laptop on your lap-or pillows, blankets, or other soft, uneven surfaces. These can prevent airflow to the bottom of the computer and cause overheating, one of the biggest contributors to computer failure.

Put your laptop to sleep

For many, including myself, our computers are an important part of our daily lives. Keeping them safe and running smoothly only takes a little effort. With that little bit of effort you can add many hours and possibly years of trouble free running time to your laptop.

Do monthly clean ups

One of the easiest methods for keeping your computer running smoothly is to regularly clean up, consolidate and delete unnecessary files. Develop a routine for creating folders to save valuable information and cull the unwanted or unused bits of data.

Delete cookies or temporary internet files

As we surf the internet, our computers capture and keep bits of information which help websites load and operate a slight bit faster. But, for the speed garnered versus the space used, it is better to delete the cookies or temporary files, especially if they are for websites you rarely visit.

Check your software firewall

Sometimes, our own systems need to be assessed manually to check for changes in settings which may or may not have been made by you. Remember the viruses? These intruders can sometimes make changes to your system upon install. The firewall should keep most of these computer vermin out, but take a look, just to be safe.

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