A new purchasing experience for you: Brazilian customers visit DDHBA in person

139 Published by admin 03 27,2024

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Valued customers DaSilva, Eliel, Neto from Brazil, welcome to our company! A meaningful visit and a heartfelt exchange. The arrival of our customers is not only a recognition of our products, but also an affirmation of our corporate culture.


On 12 March 2024, the client sought the right partner with a mindset of exploring the Chinese market with a single-minded focus. They were a joint venture team of three people with their own companies, aspiring to build a large import company together. Their goal was clear: to provide the northern market with easier access to imports, reduce the cost of purchasing imports for the northern market, and promote the country’s trade and commerce, based in the central and western regions of Brazil, a region that is a transport hub between the north and the south.


Changes in customers’ perceived expectations

Initially, the client had certain expectations on the pricing of the product, but through understanding us, their perception was changed. In the PPT presentation, they highly recognised our production capacity and quality assurance, and praised our attention to staff welfare, which is exactly the entrepreneurial spirit they are looking for!。




High-quality products that customers rave about

And when customers step into our showroom and feel the quality of our products for themselves, their perceptions are redefined. They marvelled at the high-end quality of our products and found them suitable for sale in their markets. Some of the styles are even more popular, and the customers expect us to quote for the original models and hopefully ship them out at the end of April 2024 along with the rest of the goods.



Sharing experiences and connecting with clients’ hearts

In the reception process, the enthusiasm of the colleague Verity shared by the customer has won a lot of recognition, she came to the company’s work experience as an example.

She said that she had some personality problems before she came to the company, but under the guidance of the leadership and the company’s atmosphere, she had a great improvement, just like the trunk of a tree with nutrients to thrive, which showed the customer the importance of our company’s growth of the staff, and convinced the customer that we are not only a supplier of high-quality products, but also an organisation that serves the customers and employees with altruism, which is exactly the embodiment of the values shared by us and our customers. values we share with our customers. The client was also very frank in sharing his own experience of growing up, although his career is doing well nowadays, his family of origin is not really rich, and a big difference is that the other party’s mother has taught him since he was a child that he needs to read a lot in order to be more intelligent.


Commitment to cooperation

With everyone’s joint efforts, the customer trusted and recognised us very much, and did not hesitate to say that they would consider us as the preferred partner for luggage products, and promised to fully promote our products on social media. The customer was also very dry in the showroom and directly recorded a short video to promote our company, saying that this is a trustworthy company in Brazil, the quality of the product is very good, the communication is very smooth, and the other party is very enthusiastic about our hospitality.

The affirmation and trust of our customers are the driving force and source of our progress. We will continue to work hard to return the trust of our customers with the best quality products and services to create a better future!


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