The History of Duffle Bag

415 Published by admin 07 30,2018

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A duffle bag is a large cylindrical bag which has a closure on the top with a zip or a rope and made either of canvas or leather. This bag throughout the history had many uses. They are used to carry sports equipment; they are used by military personnel to carry their luggage and used by people who seek adventure in the mountains. Nowadays, after a bit modification in these bags, they are used both formally and casually as laptop bags, camera bags and to keep personal documents. Sometimes, they are also called seabags when used by sailors or marines.

duffle bag

History of Duffle Bag

Originally, these bags were first made in Duffle, a town in Belgium, where a thick fabric was used to make this bag. Although the phrase duffle refers to a bag made from thick fabric nowadays, the name refers to the specific style that this bag carries with it.

duffle bag

The duffle bag made a global impact during the World War II. The Navy personnel carried these bag to the shores of east-coast America, Australia and throughout the Europe. The bags were sold as a vital commodity in the towns and cities of these countries in the army stores. These bags gained their access into other countries as well where they were modified, and new variants of these bags were produced.

but it is thought that after the American Civil War in the 1860s, many home returning veterans started hopping freight trains and became railroad workers. The hobos used a special rolled up bundle to carry their luggage. These gained a lot of popularity in America, and with the passage of time, the designs were modified into what see of duffle bags today.

duffle bag

As today, most jobs require laptops and other devices to be used for work purposes. We all need a bag of some sort to carry the stuff. This is where canvas & duffle weekender bags come in handy. They can carry all the essentials to your every trip whether it is for your office, school or to a climb or a forest.

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